My monday

Monday. The worst day of the week to most people, we’re all tired and hate having to return to our ridiculous daily routines. Well my Monday went a little different then what I was expecting here at Cronkite. I attended yet another radio station, which is nice because i’m inspiring to work in that field. Then there was a change of the day, we had a guest speaker who I learned was also Native American nice! Her name is Kaley O’ Kelley she is an anchor for Channel 3 news. The fun part of my evening was once the insane 4 hour long editing was done we got to workout at the YMCA across the street. Yes finally! I missed that awesome feeling of working out after a stressful afternoon. After the fat burning workout we had a “secret meeting”, as Digital calls it, and we got assigned a song to make into a music video! Sadly we got “Rumor Has It” by Adele. I wasn’t so excited but the ideas we’ve created may actually work for this song. If Fabian can pull off a Micheal Jackson look. Let’s Hope! 🙂


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