My Diamondbacks Experience

For the past week I have been with the Walter Cronkite School Of Journalism’s Summer Program. One of the activities we got to do was go see the Diamondbacks game vs. The Rockies at Chase Field, Wednesday June 6. I enjoyed the game because the seats we had were so close to the field. I’ve only been to one D-backs game and we had horrible seats way at the top so this experience was awesome. My favorite part of the night was winning the Twitter challenge my counselors assigned us. We had to tweet to the D-backs hash tag “@Godbacks” and whoever’s tweets showed the most on the Jumbotron won and that was me! I had a lot of fun during the game because our programs group had gotten on the Jumbotron several times during the random cam of the fans. A few boys from the program actually made signs that had said “This is crazy, Tweet us Maybe”. It was so funny! They got on camera so many times thanks to their signs. I had a fun night thanks guys. 🙂Image


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