Last Moments of SJI

Today was a hard day for me. Trying to schedule a ride to leave home 2 days early from the journalism program was tough and complicated. I got yelled at strictly several times for just asking to leave which made me sad but once everything was planned out it went smoothly. I’m going to miss everyone that I’ve met here especially my SWAT team! Had the best weekend ever with them! I’m also going to miss my roommate Ms. Kellie and her total “uncoolness”. I’ll miss Alex and her sarcastic remarks mostly against Kellie. I’m going to miss everyone I’ve met and spent the past two weeks with. I’m thankful for this experience and what i’ve learned thanks Mr. Cronkite for your amazing school and thank you SJI for what you gave me. I’ll miss you guys!


Best Friends and New experiences

Ahh meeting new people is always a fun experience right? Well it wasn’t for me when I first came to Cronkite. I didn’t know anyone not even a little and it was an uncomfortable experience the first few nights. But once we opened up to each other and got to know one another we realized “hey, we’re both major dorks!” so we got along. I’ve made the best memories here and i’m sad to be leaving them. Maybe one day we will run into each other and share the memories of SJI12. Hey we always have Cronkite 🙂Image

My monday

Monday. The worst day of the week to most people, we’re all tired and hate having to return to our ridiculous daily routines. Well my Monday went a little different then what I was expecting here at Cronkite. I attended yet another radio station, which is nice because i’m inspiring to work in that field. Then there was a change of the day, we had a guest speaker who I learned was also Native American nice! Her name is Kaley O’ Kelley she is an anchor for Channel 3 news. The fun part of my evening was once the insane 4 hour long editing was done we got to workout at the YMCA across the street. Yes finally! I missed that awesome feeling of working out after a stressful afternoon. After the fat burning workout we had a “secret meeting”, as Digital calls it, and we got assigned a song to make into a music video! Sadly we got “Rumor Has It” by Adele. I wasn’t so excited but the ideas we’ve created may actually work for this song. If Fabian can pull off a Micheal Jackson look. Let’s Hope! 🙂

S.W.A.T Team (Staying Weekend At Taylor Place) My weekend experience.

This weekend there were 8 students from the Summer Journalism Program that stayed at Taylor Place. Most of them were out of state but for me and a few others we lived too far in Arizona to make it home for the weekend. I was sad at first, I’m missing home and I didn’t know what we would be doing while we were here. However, Shade put my worries to rest. The first night we had a special group dinner at Majerley’s and the food was amazing! The rest of the night we spent talking to our consoler about our high school experiences. My friend Gaby was working out while we were on the balcony talking and Shade had a random idea to go make funny faces at her while she was running. We snuck up on her, all of us running in zig-zags, while Shade yelled out “S.W.A.T team!” She ran in the room and did a roll on the floor and popped up with a gun shaped hand. Funniest thing I’ve ever seen! The next morning we spent brunch in our pj’s, well only a few of us actually showed up in our pajamas. The rest of Saturday was spent in Tempe at the marketplace. We had a lot of fun shopping. Nathan even got a “seductive pink shirt” as he calls it. We then attempted our laundry which took forever because we couldn’t figure out the whole laundry card deal. My weekend was exciting and a new experience for me. I loved the group that stayed and I loved the counselor’s humor. We are now forever known as the “S.W.A.T team” of the Summer Journalism Program 2012. Last week of the program, let’s see how this goes! 🙂

My Diamondbacks Experience

For the past week I have been with the Walter Cronkite School Of Journalism’s Summer Program. One of the activities we got to do was go see the Diamondbacks game vs. The Rockies at Chase Field, Wednesday June 6. I enjoyed the game because the seats we had were so close to the field. I’ve only been to one D-backs game and we had horrible seats way at the top so this experience was awesome. My favorite part of the night was winning the Twitter challenge my counselors assigned us. We had to tweet to the D-backs hash tag “@Godbacks” and whoever’s tweets showed the most on the Jumbotron won and that was me! I had a lot of fun during the game because our programs group had gotten on the Jumbotron several times during the random cam of the fans. A few boys from the program actually made signs that had said “This is crazy, Tweet us Maybe”. It was so funny! They got on camera so many times thanks to their signs. I had a fun night thanks guys. 🙂Image